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Experience the industry's most advanced professional-voice DSP platform for conferencing, sound reinforcement and audio distribution.

A full lineup of DSP Mixers, Expanders, Controllers, and management software that excels in any room, and in any audio environment.

• Best-in-class audio

Next-gen Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Cancellation processing with Acoustic Intelligence, advanced microphone gating, built-in DARE™ feedback elimination.

• Most powerful

Powerful architecture with smaller footprint – 12 Mic/line inputs per unit, built-in USB audio interface, built-in optional Dante™ for networked audio.

• Scalable design

Daisy-chainable design to support up to 144 Mic/line inputs, C-Link expansion bus with 64 channels and P-Link bus for scalable connection of peripheral devices.

• Any application

Supports video conferencing, audio and web conferencing, Microsoft Teams, Skype® for Business meetings, in-room meetings, wireless presentation, and more.

• Flexible control

Control your local meeting rooms and audio distribution applications at your fingertips with flexible options – touch panel controller, BYOD dialer apps or 3rd-party control modules

• Central management

Configure, manage, monitor and troubleshoot the entire system of auto-discovered devices with MatrixView™ and FlowView™ for visualized audio signal paths

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