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Draper®  Projection Screens

Draper® products closely related to projection screens include rear projection display systems, video projector lifts, AV mounts and structures, and presentation easels.

Manufacturing premium projector screens takes deep knowledge. Draper®  has been doing it since 1957, and have continually upped their game: they have invested millions of dollars on specialized production and testing equipment and in-depth employee training to produce high-quality, high-performing solutions.

Draper® provides a wide range of motorized, manual, fixed, and portable screens for front and rear projection. Small spaces, huge venues, brightly-lit conference centers, residential home theatres, mission-critical control centers, and medical imaging—whatever installation or ambient environment challenges you face, there is a solution.

We sell a wide variety of screens of various models & brands. Contact us to know more.

Acumen™ Recharge E Electric Projection Screen

FocalPoint® Portable Folding Screen

Case Studies:

Draper® audiovisual solutions can be found in virtually any imaginable vertical markets, including corporate, education, government, hospitality, healthcare, houses of worship, live events, sports and entertainment, transportation, residential, and more.

Viewing Surfaces:

You want beautifully detailed images, whatever the projector or conditions. Our unsurpassed screen technology delivers them. Our range of viewing surfaces feature solutions that handle 4K and 8K resolution, ambient light, dim projectors, wide viewing angles, high dynamic range (HDR), ultra-high-definition (UHD), acoustical transparency, and more.

Motor and Control Options:

What control system do you prefer? Rather than develop a proprietary automation system, we make sure our products can be used with any third-party control system, including Control4 and Crestron.

Draper® also provides a wide range of standalone control solutions for our motorized projection screens. Motors and Control options vary by screen model and compatible controls can be viewed on each projection screen model page.

Choose Your Mounting Method:

Every environment has different installation methods that are more optimal than others. Draper® Offers several different screen variants as well as mounting options to fit your space. 


Draper® offers:

Recessed Screens

Surface Mounted Screens on Wall or Ceiling

Fixed Installation Screens

Free-standing and Portable Screens

Flown suspended screens

If you are not sure what type of screen you need and how to best mount it our technicians at Assured AudioVisual would be happy to assist you if you call us at the number below.

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