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EPV Projection Screens


EPV Screens, a division of Elite Screens, is dedicated to delivering superior and outstanding products for the custom install market. The product line features a wide range of electric and fixed-frame projection screens. From front projection and acoustically transparent to ambient light rejecting and polarized 3D materials, EPV Screens provides a projection screen that fits just about any viewing experience.

EPV Offers:

Fixed Frame Screens

Electric Screens

Ambient Light Rejecting Screens for bright environments

Curved 4K Acoustikpro Projection Screens

Matte White/Grey Screens

EPV Screens are an excellent option for home movie theatre spaces. With ambient light blocking technology and a wide variety of screen options, EPV is perfect for creating an optimal at-home cinematic movie experience.

We sell a wide variety of screens of various models & brands. Contact us to know more.

Polar Star® eFinity

PowerMax Pro 2

Peregrine HD 2 Series

Marquee Tension

PowerMax Sonic

Curious to know more about screens?

You are in the right place! Call us at the number below ad one of our technicians would be happy to assist you.

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