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How to make sure you have enough internet to support your event

Are you accounting for your events wifi and internet needs?

Don't leave your guests and production team with slow-unusable wifi. Not accounting for the demand that will be on the internet during an event can result in event disruption and unhappy guests. This is especially prevalent when your event is being live-streamed over the internet.

Here are a few ways you can make sure you are meeting the internet needs of your event.

1. Calculate your internet needs.

When calculating your internet needs, estimate how many devices will need to be supported and what will be done on those devices. Here is a graphic provided by tradeshow internet that lists current recommendations for event wifi for 100, 500, and 1000 guests depending on anticipated usage.

2. Take into account the additional demand your production team may have on the internet.

Are they going to be live-streaming your event? This requires additional Mbps for a high-quality stream. As a rule of thumb, it is often wise to include a 20% buffer of coverage beyond what you expect your guests and production team to use. Below is a graphic of recommended bandwidth availability depending on desired streaming quality.

(Graphic courtesy of trade show internet).

3. Ask the venue about their current internet coverage.

Not every venue has great internet and wifi coverage. How many Mbps are available? Where does the wifi reach? Is there access to connect directly through ethernet?

4. Test the internet for yourself.

Once you know about the internet, it is wise to verify by testing it yourself. There are several different online internet speed testers. A popular one is The internet speed that a venue is paying for is not always the same as what is actually being received on-site.

5. Determine if the available internet is sufficient or if you will need to account for additional internet capacity and coverage.

Taking these small steps can help ensure your guests and production team have the internet resources they need for an optimal experience.

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