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Premier Mounts

Low-Profile Universal Projector Mount

The PDS-PLUS is a low-profile universal projector mount that can be mounted directly to the ceiling or in use with a drop pipe. This mount truly is universal because it features a slotted mounting base with six interchangeable legs (four long and two short) to reach both shorter and wider mounting points. Most standard sized projectors will work well with the PDS-PLUS.

Installation of the PDS-PLUS is easy because it mates to standard 1.5 in. NPT pipe, or directly to structural surfaces. In addition, it is very lightweight, weighing under 5lbs, in order to make ceiling installation a little easier on installers.

Being one of the most popular mounts for education applications, the PDS-PLUS is OSHPD approved, UL listed and includes Lock-It™ security hardware so you have piece of mind when installing in classrooms or high traffic areas.

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