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XP-8v Control Processor


The XP-8v is our most powerful system processor, able to control and automate the most advanced smart homes and smart offices. The processor leverages an extensive driver database to facilitate integration of third-party devices, such as A/V, lighting, shades, security and HVAC in homes and office buildings.

• Powerful 1GHz i.MX CPU.
• 1GB of RAM memory and 512MB of non-volatile Flash memory.
• HDMI output for OSD provides bidirectional control interface on a TV.
• Eight two-way RS-232 ports.
• Eight relays can be programmed as a contact closure or voltage trigger.
• Eight multi-purpose I/O ports are compatible with industry standard IR emitters and optional RTI power sensing and communications modules.
• Eight sense inputs can trigger events based on contact closure or voltage.
• Astronomical clock allows time-based events.
SD/MM Card Slot for Memory Expansion.
• Front panel controls/display (11 Buttons for front panel control).
• All output ports incorporate both short-circuit and overload protection.
• Variable IR output on all ports.
• Programmed using the Integration Designer® Software.
• Non-volatile Flash memory stores your system configuration even when power is not present.
• Field upgradable firmware.
• USB and Ethernet programming.
• Input for connection of both 433MHz and 2.4GHz Zigbee® RF modules.
• Rack mountable or free standing.

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