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Flip 2 55” Interactive Digital Flipchart with Flip 2 Stand


Say goodbye to unwieldy paper flipcharts, messy whiteboards and smelly markers. Say hello to the versatile, portable Samsung Flip 2 55" digital flipchart. With features that greatly enhance today’s fast-paced and digital-centric workflow, the Samsung Flip 2 allows teams to hold and recap meetings with incredible ease. It drives greater collaboration, expands presentation capabilities and is ideal for all types of meetings, training or group brainstorming. Go far beyond paper and markers. Go further with the Samsung Flip 2.

- 55” 4K UHD digital flipchart with a smooth and familiar pen-to-paper-like writing experience for making meetings and brainstorms more productive

- Touch out functionality allowing users to sync their personal devices with the Samsung Flip for real-time content sharing and control

- Stores your meeting securely, then lets you share all the notes via email, network, thumb drive or even printouts if you want

- Slim stand (sold separately)¹ offers increased working space in front of the display and more convenient ways to position and store than previous models

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