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HDMI Table Insert (TL-TI-HD)

TechLogix Networx

Keyboards, mouses, laptop chargers, cell chargers, USB hubs, phones, AV cables... We get it - you've got a 'peripheral nest' on top of your conference table. Wouldn't it be great if there was any easy way to clean all this up? Enter the TL-TI series from TechLogix Networx.

The TL-TI line of table inserts replace clunky pop-up boxes with compact grommets which mount in standard 2.25” furniture holes. From video passthrough to active electronics, these table inserts provide a connection point for all the peripherals you use in your meeting rooms.

•HDMI Pass-Through

•HDMI 2.0a Compatible

•One [1] HDMI Female Port (Top)

•One [1] HDMI Female Port (Bottom)

•Easy setup: Plug-and-Play, Hot-Swappable, Hot-Pluggable

•Snagless™ under-table mounting

•Construction: Aluminum top panel (black finish), Steel housing

•New Installation hole diameter 57mm (2.25")

•Retrofit hole size range 57mm~70mm (2.25"~2.75")

•Maximum table thickness 38mm (1.5")

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