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Don't let go of this special deal!

My First TouchView Program

Image of an interactive touch display "Touchview"

Achieving your Hybrid Learning goals and implementing the latest in technology just got a whole lot easier with the My First TouchView program. This first-time buyers program provides schools with all the collaboration power of our TouchView Ultra series without breaking the budget.


Take advantage of this special pricing being now more accessible than ever and benefit from the ease of use, enhanced engagement, and a common platform for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

TouchView Interactive Logo

Interact Intelligently

Image of multiple devices, tablets, phones, and computers castig wirelessley to the touchview device.

TouchView Interactive achieves Hybrid Learning success with a focus on flexibility and ease of use in a surprisingly affordable package. No need to let uncertainty stress staff and students.


With our stunning Ultra Series 4K Interactive Panels, Web-based CONNECT software, and full line of accessories designed for K12, instruction can move from the classroom to home and back seamlessly.


Educators can create and present, import curriculum from existing files or choose from over 10,000 K12 lessons aligned to state standards. Engage students regardless of location and promote collaboration in real time.

Graphic showing interactive solutions that are applicable for education, hospitality, finance, manufacturing, and government.

TouchView Interactive Ultra Series

Image of the multiple sizes available for TouchView interactive displays. 98", 86", 75", 65", 55"

•Sized to meet needs of modern classroom and workplace

•Up to 20 points of touch for true multi-person use

•Stunning 4K resolution

•Compatibility & Flexibility

Graphic diplaying the ultra high definition 4K resolution, 20 simultaneous touch point response, and embedded wifi Windows, MAC, and Crome compatible.

Full Line of UL Listed Carts

Image of touchview on flexible cart in tabletop position
Image of TouchView screen on adjustable UL listed cart

•Ultimate in-room flexibility

•Fixed Height

•Height Adjustable

•Tilt Turn

Collaboration Across Disciplines

•Designed for flexibility in any environment

•Accessories for every application

•Supported by a team with vast experience in K20, SMB, and Enterprise customers.

•Ensure Ease of Use

•Enable & Enhance Collaboration

•Help business transition to any time, anywhere collaboration

•Focus on long-term sustainability

Image of touchview receiving casting from computers, laptops, and tablets in a way that is perfect for hybrid and collaborative meetings
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