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LedPoster (iPoster)

TRT Transtech

Digital poster. They are used in convention centers, shopping malls, meeting rooms, command & control centers, airports, gas stations, supermarkets, clubs, and restaurants.

Suitable for hanging, wall-mounted, base-standing, bracket standing, and creative installation.

• Slim appearance, attractive display.

• The screen size is approximately 1900mm x 600mm (74.8” high by 23.6” wide) and is viewable from a distance of 20 meters or about 65.6 feet.

• High refresh rate of 2880Hz and a 1200 NIT brightness that is over three times brighter than a standard LCD display.

• 160°viewing angle maintains realistic color reproduction even when looking from the sides.

• LedPoster(iPoster) can be operated by an IOS or Android App.

• Easily change and save the content on display from a phone in 10 seconds or less.

• Every aspect of the use and performance of
the LedPoster(iPoster) has been carefully considered along with the aesthetics and operational goals of
our discerning customers.

• Replaced traditional paper roll.

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